The Latest BlackBerry QNX Concept Car

BlackBerry QNX specially modified a Jaguar XJ, with a next generation virtual cockpit controller that demonstrates ECU consolidation of an instrument cluster and infotainment system. The vehicle has a digital instrument cluster, considered safety-critical, and the Infotainment system, a non-safety-critical system running on a single silicon on chip (SOC). The QNX hypervisor allows for the separation and isolation required to safely support these two functions on one SoC. This safe virtualization capability is critical for next generation domain controllers in automobiles.

Take a closer look at the BlackBerry QNX technologies in the Jaguar XJ below.

In-Car Communication (ICC) enabling clear conversations

The QNX Acoustics Management Platform (AMP) features: In Car Communications, 9ms ultra-low latency with < 10% CPU overhead, four zones, 4 microphones, 15 speakers, and noise compensated audibility tracks music volume with changing noise levels.

Digital Cockpit ECU consolidation of Cluster and Infotainment

Demonstrates the QNX Hypervisor running two virtual machine partitions: a safety-critical OS running the QNX Platform for Instrument Clusters and a non-safety critical OS running the QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment.

QNX Platform for Instrument Clusters features

QNX OS for Safety (ISO 26262 ASIL D), QNX Graphics for Safety (ISO 26262 ASIL B) that renders telltales correctly, and a Rightware Kanzi cluster UI.

Making of the Jaguar XJ 2016

Learn more about BlackBerry QNX’s two technology concept cars: the Jaguar XJ and the autonomous Lincoln MKZ.  

The Technology Inside The Jaguar XJ

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